Take The Guesswork Out Of Parenting

The Play Kits give your child an engaging, educational, and entertaining gift that grows along with them. Here’s six reasons why you'll be giving them the right playtime tools to help them through their critical developmental stages:

Starting at $36/month

Tummy Time Wobbler: Make tummy time more fun while building core muscle strength for crawling and walking.

1. Products are tailored to each stage of growth.

Lovevery’s play products are designed to be exactly what children need at each vital stage of development — from newborn through 24 months.

Nesting Stacking Dripdrop Cups: Essential to several key concepts: tower-building, nesting, pouring, and containment.

2. The Play Kits introduce STEM concepts early and often.

The play products from Lovevery deliver the “building blocks” of STEM education at an early age. Lovevery’s toys help children explore the fundamentals of math and engineering with an emphasis on imagination and fun. It’s a wonderful preparation tool for a lifetime of discovery.

Flexible Wooden Stacker: Learn how things fit together with these colorful stacking rings.

3. A design based on
expert research.

Lovevery’s products are the result of hours of collaboration from a wide range of disciplines, merging input from academics, researchers, and practitioners to create a holistic and approachable product series for parents and children. When it comes to Lovevery toys, trust the work of the experts.

Race & Chase Ramp: Explore motion and direction with our side-by-side racing ramp.

4. A quiet, classic alternative to modern toys.

Get overwhelmed by those flashy, noisy, plastic toys that create clutter in your household? Give your child a helpful, simple alternative with Lovevery — they’re quiet, Montessori inspired, and can be stored away neatly. That’s a benefit to you AND your children!

The Lockbox: Tinkering with mechanical thinking all on her own—and perfectly portable for problem-solving with little hands.

5. Convenient delivery
that coordinates with your child's growth.

No need for any more toy-buying guesswork. Subscribe with the Lovevery Play Kits, and you’ll get a brand-new box of stage-appropriate toys for your children to discover every two to three months! Lovevery also offers the option of stand-alone purchases of products like the block set, play gym, and much more.

Community Garden Puzzle: Practice pincer grasp with his first nature puzzle.

6. Everyone is talking about these Play Kits.

With recognition from outlets like Time magazine (one of the “Best Inventions of 2018”), Goop and Business Insider along with a Parents’ Choice Gold Award and a Brain Child Award from the Tillywig Toy Awards, Lovevery’s products come backed with plenty of prestige.

Give your children the perfect
play essentials

Made for learning and designed by experts.