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0–12 Months

Delivered every 2 months | $80 per Play Kit

Welcome your child to the world with playthings that help them build brand new neural connections—while connecting with you.

1 Year

Delivered every 3 months | $120 per Play Kit

Support your toddler’s natural curiosity with playtime that builds new skills and encourages exploration.

2 Years

Delivered every 3 months | $120 per Play Kit

Encourage your child’s budding independence—and learn early STEM lessons—as they grow from baby to big kid.

3 Years

Delivered every 3 months | $120 per Play Kit

Explore more sophisticated concepts with your curious child as they begin to learn who they are during the “Year of the Self.”

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A purposeful system of play products delivered on a schedule that aligns with your baby’s development.

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  • Babies who are regularly exposed to language and books develop higher IQs and more language fluency later on
  • Babies as young as 7-8 months have showed early signs of empathy
  • 80% of a child's brain is developed by age 3
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